4KIPTV Reseller 

Sell our highly reliable IPTV service and earn easy money!


As an IPTV reseller, you can start selling right away by acquiring credit to sell accounts to third parties. With our reseller plan, you have the freedom to set your own margins and take advantage of our great discounts, giving you the potential to earn over 100% profit. At 4K IPTV MEMBERSHIP, we provide our resellers with all the support they need to start earning immediately. Join us today and become a successful IPTV reseller!.

  • Easy & Fast Setup

  • Reseller Dashboard

  • High Quality Content

  • Best Pricing


Now is the perfect time to start your own reseller business! As a first-time entrepreneur, reselling products from 4KIPTV MEMBERSHIP can be a fantastic option. Our IPTV services provide users with the convenience of watching live TV and video on demand, ensuring they never miss their favorite programs. This makes IPTV an attractive idea with great potential for success.


Advantages of Becoming a Reseller

With our reseller program, you can easily create and sell IPTV subscriptions using your own panel. Our web-based IPTV panel software allows you to log in with your reseller username and password, and from there, you can create accounts for different devices and manage your clients.

4KIPTV MEMBERSHIP, we fully support our resellers and offer a variety of reseller plans to choose from. Once you join our program, you’ll have easy access to an IPTV panel, which means you can start selling and earning profits right away.

Make money as an IPTV reseller!

This business opportunity is an excellent choice for first-time entrepreneurs, as it enables you to resell products purchased from 4K IPTV MEMBERSHIP.

Our IPTV services offer users the convenience of watching live TV and video on demand, ensuring they never miss their favorite programs. This makes IPTV a lucrative and attractive idea with great potential for success.

Our Reseller Panel

Our IPTV reseller panel boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy and straightforward to use. With our panel, you’ll have complete control and management over your account.

Advantages of our reseller panel

You will be able to creat and sell IPTV subscriptions on your own panel. An IPTV Panel is a software-based web entrance.

  • Free unlimited 24-hour test for all your customers
  • Easy package creation, including 1, 3, 6, and 12-month options
  • Simple customer management tools for streamlined organization
  • Access to 24/7 ticket and live chat support for all resellers
  • VPN and DNS links feature to avoid ip blocks

Interested in our service?

Why not try our service if you’re interested? You can get a 24-hour trial to check out our Channel Lineup, VODs, PPVs, and Server Uptime.